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Shivam E Solutions takes you to the next dimension of Web performance. The focus: Meaningful solutions that foster measurable results.

Shivam E Solutions always strives to provide customer satisfaction through its legendary services at an according to client budget. We believe in long term relationship with our customers and to add more and more to our client list from the reference of our existing once.

» Software Development
» PDF Conversion
» Digitization of Library
» Scanning / Image Editing
» PDF Conversion
» Printable PDF and Searchable
» OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
» Proof Reading
» Pre-press Services
» CAD drafting Scanning
» E-Book Conversion
» Data Entry Services
» Web Designing
» Proof Reading
» Digital Composition / Typesetting Services

Software Development

Shivam E Solutions has been incorporated to provide the best and most appropriate information technology solution and services to the local as well as global market. We are equipped with latest IT related infrastructure and experienced and motivated software professionals dedicated to provide most efficient, cost-effective IT related services on time. Computerizing your Library and Business processes with the right software. A software, that is customized to meet your specific needs.

Adobe PDF Conversion Services

Shivam E Solutions specializes in PDF conversion projects. We can convert your paper documents into compact, searchable PDF files ready for publishing on your intranet, Web site, by e-mail or by CD-ROM, using the latest scanning and imaging technology. Information storage and retrieval that once took minutes or even hours is now only seconds away.

Advantages of outsourcing PDF conversion
By outsourcing PDF conversion, clients are able to take the headache out of creating electronic copies of their documents. Much of the PDF conversion process is slow, tedious and requires great attention to detail. A PDF conversion service bureau like Shivam E Solutions with its expertise over the last one year can automate the process for greater quality, capacity, turnaround and value.
Scanning Image/ Editing
By using Shivam E Solution's imaging services, you can convert paper documents into digital images. You benefit by replacing the cumbersome methods of document storage/retrieval and by having instant access to your information.
Scanning Services:
  • High & Low volume black and white scanning 200 to 1200 dpi.
  • Color and Grayscale Scanning.
  • We scan to a variety of different formats.
  • Pick up and delivery for customers within a 100-mile radius.
  • Scheduled pick up and deliveries.
  • We write data to CD, DVD or external hard drives.
  • Paper Conversion to file formats to suit your needs.
  • Document Scanning & Conversion to Word or Excel.
We deliver digital images and index information in formats specified by our customers; most of our customers currently require delivery of TIFF or PDF formatted images, typically stored at 300 dpi. We can deliver virtually all industry standard image formats and can scan images at a resolution of up to 1200 dpi. We also provide additional value-added services like indexing, optical character recognition (OCR), Adobe PDF (Portable document Format) documents and data entry in accordance with the specific customer requirements. We offer most popular file formats and can output your information to a variety of medium.
Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
We convert your hardcopy documents into digital, editable text using rapid, accurate, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. Using state of the art hardware and software, your hard-copy documents are turned into a format of your choosing (MS Word, TXT, RTF, etc.) ready for rapid, organized, and simple storage and retrieval.

Shivam E Solution's Data Entry division offers high quality, cost-effective data entry services ideally suited to high volume data entry applications such as data base and mailing list compilation, key from images, data extraction from web, file conversion etc.
Proof Reading
Quality is central to everything we do. By emphasizing quality in all its dimensions, the quality of our, products, our services, and our schedules, as well as the quality of our relationships with each other and with our, customers, we keep our employees and customers happy, our work efficient, and our schedules reliable. Eliminating errors and inconsistencies in each project reduces the confusion, correction, and rechecking that add cost, cause delays and upset customers. We attribute the great loyalty we enjoy from the publishers we serve more to our quality orientation than to any other single factor. Because we pride ourselves on unexcelled quality we take the sole responsibility for the accuracy of our work, both for the keystrokes we supply and for the coding and formatting needed to produce typographical pages. They are able to work quickly and efficiently with a wide variety of matter and format, such as mathematics, scientific text and medical and technical terminology, and they communicate effectively with Project Leaders and typesetting staff so that quality standards are maintained with schedules.

Our dedicated and detail-oriented proofreading department carefully checks every project typeset at Impressions. Page proofs for each project are checked for correct formatting, conforming to customer guidelines and design specifications, and compliance with the highest standards of excellence in quality in typography and page makeup. When a project involves edits insertion into the author's original files, each insertion is proofread against the manuscript to make sure that it is accurate and correctly formatted. Proofreaders also check to make sure for corrections to first and second pass page proofs are accurate and consistent with the project specifications. They are alert to inconsistencies and infelicities and, when appropriate, queries to be passed on to the publisher or author.
Shivam E Solutions can prepare your content for delivery via the Internet and for electronic distribution, by converting it to structured electronic formats like XML, SGML, and HTML. We convert your publications from various paper-based sources (hard copy) or electronic files of virtually all formats (soft copy). Shivam E Solutions specializes in the implementation and management of large, complex conversion projects for clients whose businesses are heavily dependent on information, such as government agencies, large corporations and online information providers. The kind of documents we process each day vary from straight forward text documents, web based information articles, books etc. to complex manuals and structured financial and legal documents. We understand that deadlines and turnaround is often a prime criteria in outsourcing data processing.

Tagging formats: HTML - Hypertext Mark-up Language XML - extensible Mark-up Language SGML - Standard Generalized Mark-up Language

Source Data Formats: Paper, Image, QuarkXPress Adobe Acrobat PDF Microsoft Word and many others...
Shivam E Solution's Range of Data Services include:
  • Data Capture and Digital Imaging
  • Digitization and Conversion
  • Forms based data capture
  • Manual data entry
  • Full-text data capture
  • Optical Character Recognition
Data Capture and Digital Imaging Our high-quality/high volume production document scanners accurately capture and convert to digital image format a large range of source material including:
  • Text-based documents: whether printed matter or handwritten including, memos, air waybills, surveys, reports, instruction manuals, business cards, index cards, product warranties
  • Numeric-based documents: financial statements, payroll records, time sheets
  • Forms based documents: surveys, questionnaires, application forms of any kind (credit cards, loans, product registration, etc.)
  • Image based documents: photographs, property details, charts, graphs
  • Mixed-format documents: bank statements, credit card statements, etc.
Shivam E Solution's Web Services
A blend of creative design with Imagination. Be it an Online Shopping Mall or Entertainment portals: Dynamic HTML, Scripting or Flash to animate stills? Shivam E Solutions has the competency to provide powerful solutions for most demanding needs. We use the latest languages to give you the best and original designs. Website Designing Services are: Designing a new website, Improving/editing an existing website, Designing Forms, Connecting big databases to ASP pages etc. We also work for website maintenance and website updations on Contractual basis. Services covered under maintenance includes : Redesigning of the website, Back End maintenance with 24 x 7 support, Daily/Weekly updations, Search Engine ranking and registration. Our team of highly skilled professionals guide you through the process of visualization all the way to a website of your dreams. You can pick and choose any one of the three categories of website development packages.
  • Up to 4 pages with minimum graphics.
  • Up to 10 pages with graphics.
  • No cap, user defined with full graphics and database connectivity.
Our web services include:
  • Web page design and development
  • Animation services
  • Graphics Design
Digital Composition / Typesetting Services:

We offer full range of high-end publishing services for a variety of publications including scientific and technical books & journals, medical publications, text books using software like

  • FrameMaker
  • TeX / LaTeX
  • QuarkXpress Version
  • 3B2
  • Indesign

Highly educated technical editors, proofread scientific and mathematical books & journals providing multiple rounds of proofs and corrections.

Experienced copyeditors ensure accurate spelling, grammar, punctuation and usage while maintaining consistent style and tone.

We set Math Journals & Books in:

  • TeX and LaTeX
  • Xmath (Mathables)
  • Powermath 4.6

Artwork & Design:

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • CorelDraw